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Second alpha release of my project

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I’ve already announced this on Krita Artists, but I haven’t had time to write more fully about it, so…

First alpha release of my project: looking for feedback!

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I’m glad to announce the first alpha of my GSoC 2020 project. For anyone not in the loop, I’m working on integrating Disney’s SeExpr expression language as a new type of Fill Layer.

Status update: Linux

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Hey all! Just a quick heads up on my GSoC project.

Status report: Week 1

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Hey all! This is my first report of the project’s Coding Period.

The project’s objectives for this week are:

  • define the new generator
  • build SeExpr
  • and try calling it from within Krita

I had also promised in the previous post to:

  • dissect SeExpr
  • write up a list of the supported libraries in each OS.

Status report: Community Bonding

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Good morning everyone!

I’m checking in today to let you know what I did in my GSoC project these past weeks. This Community Bonding period was really wonderful; although I’ve been more or less involved with the project since 2016, I’ve acquainted myself with the efforts of each of the members, and so far it’s been a wonderful experience.

During these past weeks, I’ve been preparing for the coding period by talking with Boudewijn and Wolthera about the particulars of Krita’s file format and build system. The objectives for the past two meetings were:

  • speccing the new layer
  • integrating SeExpr into Krita’s dependency build system
  • document the process

This post summarizes my efforts on each of these bits. I apologise for the late post; but this week I got to attend (virtually) my first Eurographics and LGM sessions, and with the homework load, it’s been some wild days.

Without further ado, let’s see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

What is SeExpr about?

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Good morning everyone!

For this Community Bonding period post, I want to write about what this project is about. I’ve gotten some questions about its scope and how it will benefit the Krita community, so a full writeup may help clarify these bits. As I’m a Computer Graphics student, this post may be biased towards the math-y bits, but I hope it’s still clear.

Let’s get started!

Developing Krita in Visual Studio Code, part 3

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Everyone uses deevad's pics for Krita's building instructions 😄 Credits: David Revoy, CC-BY-4.0

Hi again, everyone! This is the final post for this series, in which I’ll show you how to set Krita up in Visual Studio Code. For this post, we’ll cover the Windows operating system. I’ll show you how to take advantage of the same build scripts maintainers use for building the Windows releases.