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SeExpr status update!

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Hey all!

It’s been quite a while since my last post. Exams for my teaching certification have not gone as expected – had to pull out after being flattened in quite a critical one…

Buuuut! I am glad to announce that the SeExpr documentation is now available in the Krita manual!

Compiling Krita for ARM: an AppImage tale

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The AppImage running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. It's slow, but it works 😄

Someone on #krita, can’t remember their exact nick, asked if it was possible to run Krita on ARM-based computers, specifically the Raspberry Pi 3B+. AFAIK, no one has tried to do so, so I will tell you: yes, it is possible! (Although it will run as slow as a turtle!) This work took me the whole weekend, but it was an excellent experience as well as a wonderful way to test our infrastructure.

A key warning before moving on: DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR PI. It will be unbearably slow 😄 I built mine with a Ryzen 7 with 12 threads and it still took me two 12-hour shifts!

This post covers three steps: setting up the build environment, compiling the dependencies and Krita itself, and finally packaging the AppImages themselves. As per the official instructions, we’ll target Ubuntu 16.04 ARM. I chose the armhf port to match the Raspberry Pi’s default distro, Raspbian. I also tested aarch64 – see the last section for the necessary changes.