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Developing Krita in Visual Studio Code, part 1

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Everyone uses deevad's pics for Krita's building instructions 😄 Credits: David Revoy, CC-BY-4.0

Hi all! As part of our Community Bonding period, I wanted to share my experience setting up a development environment for Krita. We already have David Revoy’s post and the official, updated documentation. However, they only cover the setup process in Linux.

I’ll show you how to set Krita up in Visual Studio Code, under the three major desktop OSes: Linux, Windows, and macOS. For the latter two, I’ll show you how to use the same build scripts maintainers use for building the releases. We’ll take advantage of Visual Studio Code’s Tasks, so you do the hard work once, and then you’ll be able to compile dependencies AND run Krita in a few keystrokes!

Today’s post will tell you how to set Visual Studio Code up in Linux.

Hello Planet!

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Hi everyone! It’s been so long since I started this site, back in July 2017. It’s been mostly to showcase my open source work and have a place for potential business contacts, and I’ve never ever blogged a bit because long prose is kind of difficult for me. (Also, I’m very fearful of our dear internet trolls.)