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Third alpha release of my project


I’m glad to announce the third alpha of my GSoC 2020 project. For anyone not in the loop, I’m working on integrating Disney’s SeExpr expression language as a new type of Fill Layer.

In this release, I fixed the following issues:

  • SeExpr textures use the scRGB color space, which is not supported by Qt’s QColor until 5.12. This makes the conversion to Krita space unbearably slow (thanks Wolthera van Hövell)
  • Refactored SeExpr error reporting to make messages Qt-translatable.
    • This adds KDE’s ECM to the list of (optional) dependencies of SeExpr.
  • Error reporting is now available, including highlighting! (thanks Wolthera too for noticing)
  • Configuration is saved and restored when changing between Fill layer types (bug 422885, thanks Boudewijn Rempt)
  • Cleaned up SeExpr headers
    • They are now installed only if used in the UI library itself.
  • UI labels have extra spacing (thanks Wolthera van Hövell)

Another outstanding issue is SeExpr’s vulnerability to the current LC_NUMERIC locale, due to its use of sscanf and atof. I am sad to announce I won’t be able to change this; the library I wanted to use, scn is itself vulnerable to locale changes.

But the most important feature, and final contribution, are bundleable presets!

This enables SeExpr scripts to be bundled just like any other resource in Krita. Below you can find a bundle containing all of the example scripts posted by Wolthera on the Krita Artists thread.

Looking forward to your comments!



PS: The Git hash in the files point to a cleaned up branch at my own fork of Krita. I am reviewing options to sync this work back to the main krita/4.3 branch.