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First alpha release of my project: looking for feedback!

Posted on under GSoC, Planet KDE .

I’m glad to announce the first alpha of my GSoC 2020 project. For anyone not in the loop, I’m working on integrating Disney’s SeExpr expression language as a new type of Fill Layer.

You’ll find my work in the Fill Layer... menu, a new type of generator called SeExpr:

The widgets you see are entirely Disney’s, you can manipulate the generator both through the editor as well as the controls above it.

The alphas are uploaded here:

Integrity hashes:

5e0c0e2a3046e003c1b331d5baec772174d9497568640b47d78bd7d98374d804  krita-4.3.1-alpha-833fedf-x86_64.appimage

Please, feel free to give your feedback, in this Krita Artists thread or in its Phabricator task.

Remember, I’m still looking for example scripts we can ship later!

Looking forward to your comments!