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SeExpr status update!


Hey all!

It’s been quite a while since my last post. Exams for my teaching certification have not gone as expected – had to pull out after being flattened in quite a critical one…

Buuuut! I am glad to announce that the SeExpr documentation is now available in the Krita manual!

The SeExpr tutorial, available now.

Along with this tutorial, you will find:

And, the most important, a great set of examples is now packed along with every Krita build for you to test and play with.

I am planning additional code-wise goals, but none fits within the two weeks remaining for the program… so, I’ll use the remaining two weeks for something project-related. I’m glad to announce that I’ll be taking part in this year’s Akademy– not only as part of the Student Showcase, but with a talk of my own!

The talk is entitled “Integrating Hollywood Open Source with KDE Applications”, and in it I’ll tell you about the itty-gritty bits of this journey. More formally,

In this presentation, I will guide the audience through the pitfalls and challenges of integrating this library with the Krita codebase. Developers in the audience will be interested in learning how SeExpr’s build system, platform support, and dependencies were harmonized with Krita’s. The creation of its layer generator, and formal specification of its storage requirements, will also be addressed. Artists will be interested in how SeExpr’s UI and UX was adapted to suit their current workflow, as well as KDE’s accessibility and internationalization requirements.

The talk is scheduled for September 5 at 19:30 GMT.

Thank you all for supporting me, and see you at Akademy!