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About me

What can I offer you?

Full-stack native software development

I like solving problems a lot. I am most confident with Ruby and C++, and am knowledgeable in Swift, Lua, Dart, Rust, and Python. I can also lend a hand with modern web development. I wrote this site by hand in Jekyll, with Sass as its stylesheet framework, and a custom Gulp.js-based toolchain for continuous integration.

In the future, I’d like to be more involved with Lua and bare metal development.

Writing and proofreading

Thanks to so many elective courses I took, I am able to write high quality academic texts and manuals. I can also dig into existing source code bases and document them.

I am fluent in English, Spanish (both C2) and French (B2).

Graphics design

Before getting into computers, I took many courses in vector graphics design. These came in handy when designing and fixing the illustrations for both my Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis.

I am experienced in CorelDRAW and the Adobe suite, but currently I prefer Inkscape for its availability and reproducibility.

Work experience

— present

Integrated Disney Animation’s expression language, SeExpr. Implemented assorted fixes related to color space support. Added support for HDR gradient rendering, including dithering for all color spaces. Currently contracted with the development team.

Mobile development freelancing.

Full-stack development for mobile phones as well as web applications. My consultancy involved developing a next-gen, cross-platform mobile application for a leading Latin American market research company.

I integrated Disney Animation’s expression language, SeExpr, with the Krita painting suite. This enables, for the first time, the use of dynamically generated content in the same footing as other components of digital art.

Researched and developed a fix to a longstanding bug in Krita’s support of CIE L*a*b* and CMYK color space images.

As part of the project “Implementing a Hair Shader for Cycles” and my MSc thesis, I implemented a hair and fur shader for Blender.

Formal education

Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca, Argentina.

Thesis in real-time collision handling and deformation (see portfolio).


Do you feel I can be of help? Get in touch! You can write at amy AT amyspark DOT me. CV is available on request.